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Chike Machinery adding a new type of CNC sheet metal bending machine

Release time2020-04-16Popularity:157

Since the Spring Festival, due to the impact of the Corona virus, the order of Chike Machinery roasting machine is in the ordering state. Adding a new type of CNC sheet metal bending machine,The addition of this equipment will increase the production capacity of Chike Machinery and reduce the customer's order cycle. Please wait patiently. The equipment has passed qualified inspection and factory testing to protect the rights and interests of every user!


Chike Machinery has been focusing on electromagnetic roasting machine for 15 years. The food machinery equipment independently developed and produced by our company, electromagnetic roasting machine, is divided into four categories according to model: micro, small, medium and large. It is divided into two categories according to function: multi-function and special. According to the structure, it is divided into two categories: single pot and assembly line. Advantages: environmental protection, energy saving, durability, sanitation; time-saving, power-saving, worry-free, labor-saving; all equipment is made of stainless steel, fully in line with national GMP hygiene standards; high degree of intelligent automation, one-button operation is simple and convenient, can Greatly reduce the recruitment standards and reduce labor costs.

+86 15893717199