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On May 23, 2020, Morocco finished the delivery of DCCL7-15 &DCCL9-16

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On May 23, 2020, Morocco finished the delivery of DCCL7-15 &DCCL9-16 ordered from xu chang chike machinery manufacturing co., LTD. This equipment will be used to roasting / fry cumin and other condiments. DCCL7-15 &DCCL9-16 universal electromagnetic stirrer, through multiple safety certification, environmental protection, 

reliable and durable. The design concept of automation makes the human-computer interaction of the device more simple. Maintenance personnel more convenient, energy saving and environmental protection, equipment low power consumption, electromagnetic system so that the equipment without carbon emissions.

Powerful intelligent temperature control system, temperature control is accurate, the pot temperature in the process of frying is always the same, save time and labor, built-in variable frequency regulator, temperature, speed, fire size, can be adjusted at will, simple operation fast, suitable for all kinds of materials frying.

+86 15893717199